Mr Nicholas Yawson- Youth President

The gallant youths of Senya Beraku in the Awutu Senya West Constituency, Central region, organised a press conference and demonstrated through the principal streets in the community to express their grievances towards the rate at which lands are unlawfully sold for personal gratification by those who are supposed to protect the territorial boundaries and safeguard the lands for future generations specifically Nenyi Kweku Issiw VI.

Chieftaincy dispute has been an albatross on the neck of Senya Beraku and it is impeding the progress and development of our most cherished community. All efforts and conflict resolution strategies deployed by benevolent individuals of the community and political leaders to address
the situation have not received the needed cooperation by Nenyi Kweku Issiw VI and his elders.

Senya Youth demonstrating through the principal streets of the town

The Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kwamina Duncan, the Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya West Constituency, Hon. Nenyi George Andah and the Central Regional Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu have been phenomenal in its progress. Undoubtedly, these three personalities have shown competence and been very objective in their call for peace and tranquility in Senya.

According to the youth, recently, Nenyi Kweku Issiw VI and One Land guard;Kwesi Alhaji have started trading Senya lands unlawfully hence our displeasure to demonstrate.

A statement by the youth president, Mr. Nicholas Yawson indicated that, “the youths are poised for action and dare to resist the rule of oppressers and to protect the territorial boundaries of Senya Beraku and stand against unlawful sales of lands. We are the future leaders and we must stand to uphold the sovereignty of our land and push astronomic developmental projects.”

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