It has been of critical importance to appreciate Ghana’s efforts at combating the dreadful worldwide pandemic, COVID-19.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti- Journalist and Broadcaster

From a far, one can not fully glimpse on efforts that were put in place prior to Ghana recording it’s first incidence on
12th March, 2020. This need has been necessitated by the prevalence of the virus in countries like UK, USA, Germany, Spain, amongst several others. The fact is Ghana could have been one of them but for the effective leadership of President Akufo Addo there is no need to panic.

The facts above were shared by Ace journalist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, in a live interview on Peace FM’s morning show; Kokrokoo.

According to Oheneyere , in all her travels from 11th March to 22nd March, across Europe, visiting countries like England and Amsterdam, Ghana was more prepared for COVID-19 than any of the countries she visited. In her words, “Kotoka International Airport was more prepared for COVID-19 than Heathrow Airport in London.”

The praise for the protocols established by President Akufo Addo was extended to the mandatory quarantine. The ace journalist praised the information that was sent out when she was on board British Airways to Ghana on 22nd March (the night Ghana closed it’s boarders).
She gave account of the luxurious 5 Star hotel where she was quarantined. Right from the reception, to her room, the stay in the room, food and services.
She lauded the team that ensured the quarantine of 1,030 persons and the precautionary measures taken. From disinfection, to PPE and the collection of samples for testing. She further added,

“Regardless of my fame in Broadcast Journalism, authorities never compromised with their core duties , they exhibited professionalism…”

It was heartwarming to hear her repeatedly praise government for the measures put in place.

It is worth noting that, Ghana, being a state of transit receives thousands of travellers across the world. But for effective measures put in place by the Akufo Addo lead administration, Ghana would have lost the COVID-19 battle even before it started. USA is exemplary.

Nana Addo Jeremy

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