Addressing the People of Krodua-Papase enclave in the Awutu Senya West Constituency during a campaign tour by Dr. Joseph K. Essibu, Central Regional Treasurer for the New Patriotic Party and the Board Chairman of Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company, he urged the constituents and the entire Ghanaian populace to vote massively for the New Patriotic Party both Presidential and Parliamentary in the 2020 elections.

According to him,

“it is evident that the Akuffo Addo’s government has performed better compared to Mahama’s era. Now Ghana’s economic development has improved through a multifaceted holistic approach across every sector.”

He further added, “voting for Mahama and the NDC will be detrimental to the growth and development of Ghana and we must protect the progress and successes chalked by the NPP through various initiatives implemented.”

He continued by outlining some achievements of the NPP government and pointed out that, “Under the watch of President Nana Addo, we have said bye bye to dumsor which led to the collapse of businesses, now our nation is on industrialisation drive through the 1 district 1 factory initiative, millions of people are being employed,thus graduate unemployment is gradually fading out, planting for food and jobs have boosted our productivity level, free SHS, free utility usage as a relief for Covid19, the 600million Covid19 alleviation fund to revive and expand businesses, payment of health insurance debts and ensuring proper functioning of NHIS, 1 constituency 1 ambulance, the use of drones to deliver essential medicals,payment of defunct financial institutions customers. These are among many projects and initiatives the Akuffo Addo led government has implemented to change the story of the ordinary Ghanaian.

A section of constituents

He cautioned Ghanaians to be vigilant and not to heed to whimsical and capricious messages of Mahama and his NDC. “Mahama has nothing good in his belly to offer Ghana, let’s kick him out once again, we can’t risk the future of our dear country into his hand, he will drive us to the mud. Mahama’s return will be worse for Ghana, he will retrogress our progress, let’s move foward my fellow Ghanaians.”

He again placed a clarion call on all government appointees, party faithfuls and patriotic citizens of Ghana to embark on door to door campaign to solidify the electoral victory for NPP in the 2020 general elections. “We all have a role to play as government appointees, let’s get out of our comfort zone and campaign massively for the Elephant fraternity to retain power and work for the good people of Ghana.”

He concluded by canvassing the support of Awutu Senya West constituents to rally strongly behind Hon. Nenyi George Andah and give him four more years to work together with President Akuffo Addo as they move the constituency to a preferable developmental trajectory.

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