Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science Trainee, Nana Kwegyir-Aggrey has never kept his view under the carpet since the emergence of this novel Virus. In his view,This COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener of the relevance of medical laboratory/research in;
Etiological diagnosis of diseases

Patient monitoring

Epidemiological surveillance

The fight against COVID-19- Kwegyir Aggrey Nana

A day wouldn’t pass by without a chorus for “mass testing! mass testing!!” by the populace, but the truth is, we cant just be testing in any available space in any laboratory.

The SARS COV-2 virus is a highly contagious microorganism like many bio- hazards and/or infectious pathogens the laboratory has been dealing with even in the face of improvised PPEs and risk of exposure to the scientists involved just to provide clinical data critical to patient diagnosis and management without recourse to ones safety.

Kwegyir-Aggrey Nana – Doctor of medical laboratory science trainee.

The advocacy and professional radicalism of the Ghanaian medical laboratory scientists over the years has only been to see to the implementation of the NATIONAL HEALTH LABORATORY POLICY that will elevate our medical laboratories to meet international standards with its;
•accredited logistics

proper bio-safety containment protocols -highly trained personnel

Quality assurance/control systems etc.

The mass testing we are calling for wouldn’t have been a problem if government had been proactive enough to see to the successful implementation of the policy document .

As we raise our hands and with one voice into prayer for divine intervention into the COVID-19 pandemic……. let’s not forget to “hold the necks” of our leaders to put better systems in place to guarantee our health and safety in the wake of future epidemics and/or pandemics…..

“Quality lab systems means better healthcare”…WHO

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