Awutu Senya West NPP Youth Wing schools NDC on COVID-19

As the world join hands in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus, it seems quite different with some political parties . came across a heartwarming rebuttal from the office of the Awutu Senya West NPP Youth Wing.

“We are by this statement Dated 04/4/2020 debunking the lies of the press release dated 03/04/2020 by the ASW NDC Communication officer,Kwaku Ampong – Tittled “THE PETTINESS OF HON GEORGE ANDAH VRS THE EMPATHY OF MRS. GIZELLA TETTEH AGBOTUI OVER HER COVID-19 BENEVOLENT DONATIONS”


Firstly, let us be clear that fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in ASW, cannot and should not be along political party lines. We appreciate the efforts of everyone going above the normal call of duty to make sure that ASW and Ghana as a whole becomes victorious in this fight. We appreciate the efforts from the NDC ASW PC.

Secondly, let us establish the fact that, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Ghana, the MP (Nenyi George Andah) saw the need for sensitization of the constituents of ASW on the precautionary measures needed to be taken to prevent the virus. Nenyi George Andah is on record to have been liaising closely with the District Health Directorate and the DCE to aggressively embark on community outreaches, educating and sensitizing the constituents on the COVID-19 pandemic and how to prevent contracting the virus.

Nenyi George Andah subsequently met with Market leaders, Transporters, Health workers,Churches,Police and some constituents to enlighten them on the need to observe the laid down protocols to curb the menace.

In addition to the sensitization, Nenyi George Andah facilitated the donation of a quantity of locally produced hand-washing soaps, locally produced alcohol based sanitizers, veronica buckets with stands and waste water collection bowls, hospital beds, fridges, trolleys, wheel chairs, cabinets, benches, infrared forehead thermometers, gloves, face masks, etc which were requested by the Awutu Senya District Health Directorate.

This remarkable initiative complements the efforts by the government of HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to help the residents in Ghana and constituents in ASW to secure quality health care and protection at a time when the fight against COVID-19 pandemic has become crucial.

We are by this release sending a caution to the NDC to desist from this kind of dirty politics of lies and propaganda, for the electorates are well informed and will never reward them votes by these filthy acts. They did this in 2016 and lost the elections, one would have expected they would have learnt their lesson.

Nenyi George Andah remains focused to execute his task diligently to always lift the image of ASW high and will not fall to their cheap propaganda and irresponsible statements, making them think the COVID-19 Virus has party colors.

The only vaccine that will arrest this virus and every other virus is in each other’s hands. Let us wash our hands with soap under running water frequently,use alcohol based sanitizers regularly,abide by the social distancing protocols and let us show and spread love and not hate towards each other.

“The good health of my people are my topmost priorities and this COVID-19 virus has no party color” Nenyi George Andah March 2020.

Together we defeat COVID-19 and we will build a new ASW!! “.A release signed by the NPP YouthWing. hereby calls on all stakeholders and opinion leaders, to condemn any political party who tries to gain political advantage as we struggle to fight against this deadly Virus .





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